Concept Note

The major problems facing Africa at the moment can be categorized into 4 major spheres, (1) the need to accelerate and grow industrialization and manufacturing sectors (2) the need to attain universal healthcare for the continent’s citizens, (3) the need for food security for all and (4) ensuring that all citizens have access to decent and affordable housing. Information and Communications Technologies have on the other hand been considered as a powerful tool and facilitator in achieving these societal and economic goals. The challenge is to clearly set out strategies and approaches in which ICTs can be effectively integrated into the planning and implementation processes necessary to achieve the aforementioned societal and economic objectives.

The role of the 6th Annual AfICTA Summit is to offer a platform at which actors and stakeholders from varied and eclectic backgrounds in both the private and public sectors can meet and share experiences and ideas to effectively integrate ICT into the continent’s planning processes.

At the end of the Summit we will expect to come out with a synthesized program and approach to present to decision and policy-makers on how to effectively integrate ICT into their work.